Community Work

A healthy community needs quality homes. We provide directly for the families who occupy our homes but also for the wider community who receive the flow on benefits of better quality housing.

Disaster & Humanitarian Work

Ano has been deployed under the Samoan Tsunami Relief Building effort under Salvation Army Fiji & Tonga with Habitat for Humanity where he oversaw a team of 25 volunteer tradesmen to build the first 7 (fale) homes in the eastern side of Samoa which was the worst affected area.

Working with the Salvation Army Earthquake Recovery Team Ano walked door to door assessing individual's situations and providing aid if needed. Ano also assisted efforts in reporting emergencies during the immediate aftermath of the crisis.

Focused on our staff, focused on our community

Our belief is that having strong, reliable housing is a fundamental requirement for a foundation on which a health community can thrive. In order to produce such homes you must have builders that have those same attributes embedded in them. At Advefa Builders we are recruiting and training new builders every year to help improve the quality of housing builds and the communities in Auckland and the South Pacific.

At Advefa we stick to these principles and treat our staff as a family. Providing food and support on and off the job site.

ADVEFA means family; Adriano - Desmond - Victory - Evangel - Falute - Angel

Advefa supporting community sports. We are believers of investing in our young people